Be Prepared: Get Wholesale Emergency Food Supplies Now

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Natural disasters, emergencies, and other uncertainties can happen anytime, anywhere. To ensure that you and your family are fed no matter what happens, it's important to have a reliable emergency food supply. Eden Valley Farms offers high quality bulk emergency food supply orders at discounted prices. There are also monthly emergency food supply plans available.

With a huge integrated customer base, we are one of the largest retailers of emergency supplies in the world. We have millions of customers in the U. S. and Canada who know and love our brand.Ready Wise provides you with all the long-term food storage and freeze dried food needed for any situation.

This will leave your food storage in a good place for long-term survival, natural disasters, or even daily emergencies, such as job loss or an accident. You can't predict the future, but you can prepare for it with a clean and simple emergency food supply that lasts 25 years. When making a purchase, you'll immediately get yourself a food buffer that will be safely stored, doesn't need to be constantly turned over and is easy to prepare in an emergency.Start with a 72-hour food kit, but then 3 months of food per person would provide you with lasting coverage. Whether you're planning your next big adventure or preparing for an unplanned emergency, you'll receive tasty, easy-to-prepare foods you can count on.

Valley Food Storage consulted the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Disaster and Emergency Preparedness List to develop comprehensive emergency and survival needs.The emergency food industry is no stranger to packaging its food with garbage to reduce its costs and increase low-quality calories. Don't let this deter you from getting the supplies you need. Eden Valley Farms offers high quality bulk emergency food supply orders at discounted prices so that you can be prepared without breaking the bank.